Feedback Received From Visitors

to Bedhampton Bowling Club 

Updated 08/07/24

Get Up and Go Feedback July 2024

“Everyone was so encouraging, helpful, friendly and put you at ease even when you mess up completely 🙄
I would like thank everyone that help me through the last 6 weeks, would love to join the club and see if I can improve, and would recommend the the club to anyone thinking of taking up bowls. Thanks again for all your support.”

“It was very well run and the members very friendly, they helped with every aspect of the day, also helping with how I played.
Very good would love to join and will apply. I would recommend this club to anyone wishing to start playing.”

“Lovely friendly people most welcoming with a lot of patience & excellent teaching skills. Would highly recommend Bedhampton Bowls Club.”

“Everyone that we have met has been so friendly and welcoming. Their coaching each week has been fantastic and we have thoroughly enjoyed the GUAG course. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much but it has been a lot of fun. Definitely something that we’ll do in the future, if not right away due to other commitments. Thanks again to all involved.”

Bowls Big Weekend 2024 Feedback May 2024

“Relaxing friendly atmosphere good knowledgeable members on hand to explain the technique and methods.”

“Playing a game of Bowls, meeting some of the members who did an excellent job to explain rules and how to play correctly. A lovely atmosphere with a lovely selection of cakes and drinks. A very nice experience.”

“The welcoming nature of the members and their patience with explaining the basics to us.”

“Friendly atmosphere”

“Lovely setting and atmosphere, friendly and informative people. It was nice to experience the carpet; far preferable than grass!”

“I wasn’t expecting to be able to have a go at bowling during the visit, everyone we met was really friendly and explained the basics then let us loose with the “woods” not balls! I found the whole experience very relaxing.”

“We enjoyed the time we were there, although there seems to be a lot to learn, but nice to have a try. We are booked on for several weeks with Get-up -and -go. so, we will obviously have an opportunity to at least learn the basics. Thank you to Jim and Jennie for their help.”

“I had wanted to try lawn bowls for many years. The open day provided me with the opportunity to do so. There was a friendly welcome from Peta and other club members. John and John were able to introduce me to bowls with some excellent coaching. They were very knowledgeable and extremely patient, which made me feel very much at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the open day and have applied for membership. The club is in a beautifully landscaped setting. The clubhouse provides excellent refreshments and facilities. It’s great to see there is a big social aspect to the club also. I’m very grateful that the club were able to reach out into the community with the open day and for the warm welcome I received. Thank you to everyone at Bedhampton Bowling Club.”

French Visitor Day Feedback May 2024

“We came by arrangement as a group of around 30 bringing our French visitors, several friendly members attended to set up & provide helpful guidance on how to play. We were there for 2 hours which flew by & it is fair to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This friendly club must be a real asset to the local community, as are its welcoming members.”

“Outdoor bowling, which seems to be very safe, also has some things to pay attention to. You need to pay attention to details when playing, choose according to your ability.”

“We attended a session with our French twinning group from Vannes on Sun 19th May.
It was a very enjoyable experience in the sun and we had 2 Bedhampton players as coaches/players which helped with the rules and how the bowls curved. Very enjoyable although we found our French friends with Boules experience had the edge. (:0)”

“Well run session with great knowledge of the game passed on to attendees. Facilities were well maintained and a good clean carpet provided to play on. Would recommend this club to anyone interested in taking up bowls. Good sport for all ages.”